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Windows 10 Pro v.1511 En-us x64 July2016 Pre-Activated-=TEAM OS=
Applications > Windows
3.15 GiB (3387530257 Bytes)
2016-07-16 00:39:19 GMT
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[b]Windows 10 Pro v.1511 En-us x64 July2016 Pre-Activated-=TEAM OS=-[/b]


[b]Software Version:1511 v.10.0.10586.494 [10586.494.th2_release_sec.160630-1736]
Architect:- 64bit
size:- 3.15gb
Аuthor builds: TEAM OS
Language: English
Treatment: completed
Type of medicine: Re-loader


System Requirements:

* Processor: 1 gigahertz (GHz) or higher .
* RAM: 1 gigabyte (GB).
* Free space on hard drive space: 16 gigabytes (GB).
* Graphics card: graphics device Microsoft DirectX 9 or later.
* Additional requirements to use certain features.
* To use the touch features require tablet or monitor that supports multi-touch.
* To access the Windows Store to download and run applications that require an active Internet connection and a screen resolution of at least 1024x768 pixels.

Name:	Win10_Pro_1511_English_x64_july_2016.iso
Date:	7/15/2016
Size:	3.15 GB (3,387,529,216 bytes)
SHA-1:	f2d8e7f85d505e2f4a57918cc9ba4e27ff41ce41
MD5:	6cc276d93346daa18219b6937e3f42af
CRC32:	f0fab7bc[/b]



Made a clean install,
Installed smoothly without any errors and so on.

Opened MS Edge to download an anti-virus.
While downloading *currently at 22%* > I ran "[email protected]" inside the Aktivator folder. (This aktivator folder is found on the desktop after a clean install)

After running the app and activated Win10.
I got disconnected to the internet > I restarted the computer > after restart, every website loads so slow. I tried to download the anti-virus again but it was so slow 6kbps.

Then found a running process named
[email protected] (C:[email protected])
[email protected] (C:[email protected])

Now I was wondering if you still need to run [email protected] and what are those running processes for?
Got a warning about my license expiring soon after updating tonight and windows will require reactivation, anyone know what to do?
**Okay NOOB ALERT** I have installed the windows now first question how should I activate it? And should I install windows updates as its not genuine?
Sorry I know its a dumb question but this is my first time.
Okay I checked and it says windows is activated. So now what does that Aktivator folder do?
kingben97 - still a problem?
Can you delete the Aktivator folder?

Also found these 2 processes running in the background:
[email protected] (C:[email protected])
[email protected] (C:[email protected])

do it and tell us what happens. are those process virus trojans ?

I don't think so. Those services are probably there for hooking into Microsoft licensing stuff to keep Windows activated.

I haven't inspected the services and wich DLL's and systemcalls they are using but im planning to that when I have the time for it. If someone else want to take a look at it that would be great.
The 100MB empty drive people are whining about has nothing to do with this setup.

When you install a system you get a partition that is system reserved space. in windows 7 it was 100mb (not sure about vista and 8) but windows 10 require 500mb therefore the already created 100mb drive will just show as an empty drive and it will create a new 500mb system reserved space.

if you did remove the partitions and recreate them before installing you would not have that 100mb laying around.
Thanks R@!n. This one is working for me. Can't trust the other buggers.
the kms files are little kiddie backdoor virus hacks...just delete them. (or keep them if you want people on your machine)
why you thanking [email protected]..?? Cause it looks like that is the author of them (or someone went to trouble to make it look that way)
Question of the century: WHy not 1607???
I have confirmed there is a virus inside. Nasty thing gets your passwords and uploads them. Do not download this torrent you fools! For those of you that did - look at your services.msc and reconsider.
This program is screwy. Keeps freezing and won't let me install anything. Makes my computer run wicked slow.
Hi, can i make a clean install and choose my language (Greek)?
Can someone just tell me what are MD5 SFV and SHA files, do i need to keep them or no?
Can someone explain to me what are MD5 SFV and SHA files, do i need to keep them or no?
I am Sad, downloaded this thinking it had the ANIVERSARY UPDATE!!
Can someone answer this?

Can you delete the Aktivator folder?

Also found these 2 processes running in the background:
[email protected] (C:[email protected])
[email protected] (C:[email protected])

are these viruses?
Works like a charm! Just mount it to a USB stick and install. When there's an update, simply update. After a fresh install, open the activator and remove using Windows Defender. The two files running are simply cracks for Windows, don't worry.
Virus detected!
If you guys dunno WTF KMS is or what to do with your Aktivator folder
then what are you doing on "Pirate Bay" notice the word PIRATE in the name of the site?
How do you think these versions of windows activate themselves?
ummm- maybe KMS method??

Have any of you Einsteins who are asking whats KMS & such SEARCH "thepiratebay" for any torrents named KMS if you still have any questions about KMS then I suggest you quickly delete the shortcut to PirateBay.
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