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[160909] [ILLUSION] Honey select -Honey Select- + Early Booking
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2016-09-10 06:40:39 GMT
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ハニーセレクト -Honey Select-
ハニーセレクト -Honey Select- 早期予約特典 裸エプロンピンク
ハニーセレクト -Honey Select- 予約特典 追加衣装 花魁データセット
ハニーセレクト -Honey Select- 予約特典 追加衣装データ 女豹水着セット
ハニーセレクト -Honey Select- 発売記念 追加衣装データ 巫女服&ハニースタジオ
ハニーセレクト -Honey Select- OculusRiftVR Patch

ブランド / Brand: ILLUSION
発売日 / Release Date: 2016/09/09
ファイルサイズ / File Size: 4.27GB
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is there any tutorial on how to install this?
@wirorg, Open ISO - Drag all files into another folder - Install
is only in japanese?
Can you be more specific on how to install?
To install the game you have to copy the contents from the main game folder to another folder in your computer, then run setup.exe from there while the image is mounted (or a disk with the image on your DVD drive).

And then, for the extra stuff, you copy manually the items you want to the game folder on C:/Illusion/HoneySelect. From there, make sure to copy those items on the correct folders they belong. Avoid using Illusion's thing to copy the items, as it might fail to find the location of the main folder.

I've been playing for 2 days now with no errors at all.
installed the game but could only get Japanese lang? heard there was translation packs but couldn't figure it out. anyone know how to get English?
Look up "Honey Select Hongfire patch" for current and future english version updates as well as game dlc and game updates.
Since this guy is like the only one posting anything in this section (unless you count that idiot who keeps posting normal non-porn games in here) it's be nice to see something in English once in a while. This section is FILLED with Japanese games, most of which do NOT have English patches.
So everyone's agreed this have no viruses at all?
@PacoPaez I'm scanning meow. Seems legit.
is it censored
no directions on how to install this.
no directions on how to install the addons
no english patch.

this is a disaster of an upload. its nice of you to take the time to put this up here, but come on. this is a joke. i cant even install the addons because their installation setups are in japanese and i have no clue where to put these folders. its not like theres an obvious folder in the game folder called 'addons' or something
also, some of the animations are warping when you try to do them. like half of the sex ones. it looks like youre trying to fuck a monster